Telecom Features

Why use VoIP instead of traditional phones?

Calls are Cheaper

  • 50% – 80% Lower monthly phone and fax line costs
  • NO Telkom lines needed
  • 50% lower call charges – this is not counting free internal office calls and calling your own workforce mobile phones for free, even when on the go
  • Pure per second billing – saves money vs Telkom charging you full rates per minute

Streamline your Business

  • Move office and keep your current landline numbers effortlessly
  • Leverage a modern IP Cloud PBX – Unified Communications will make your life easier and more organized
  • It’s more Flexibill and less expensive to maintain – easily add more lines to cope with increased calls and business growth

Go Mobile with your Switchboard

  • Low call rates directly from your mobile phone through the cloud PBX system – using any available internet connection and eliminate the need for high mobile costs completely, now all you need is an internet connection to make calls
  • End all your expensive mobile contracts
  • Zero call charges for call transfers to mobile phones – your mobile phone is now part of the switchboard
  • Zero call charges to any devices connected to your switchboard, be it a deskphone, mobile phone or desktop app – now you can generously empower your staff with communication to each other – limit or block specific devices from calling outside the switchboard, thereby controlling communication costs

Better structured than on-premise switchboards

  • PBX Cloud servers are more efficient, there is less traffic demand on the office internet so you get a clear audio stream
  • Our cloud server environment has much faster and direct internet connections to handle your calls to the outside world
  • Long term equipment cost and maintenance fees are much cheaper because there is no PBX server on site, thereby eliminating many problematic on-premise routing settings
  • Downtime with a broken on-site PBX switchboard or a stolen copper line is now over
  • Our PBX servers are TIER 3 rated – Multiple network connections, power backups and redundancy measures are in place to ensure unbroken service
  • Servers are not shared and allocated only to VoIP services specifically

Save Time and Communicate with Staff Efficiently

  • Staff Meetings directly from your desk or your mobile – conference video / audio calls made with a one click of a button. So instead of “going to the meeting” you can talk to everybody, very efficiently, easily and free, even when roaming
  • Easily have external people connect to the conference
  • Traditional conference software like skype for business always involves technical proficiency – not so with your Cloud PBX, even a toddler can click on a link!
  • In addittion to various available swich board phones, you can also use the desktop app, that can give you the same features and more.

Enterprise Business Features

  • Comes with a full set of standard switchboard features and more
  • Easily transfer your existing landline numbers to your new Cloud Switchboard. Get international numbers so your customers can call you at their local rates, this increases international presence and aids in professionalism and increases sales
  • Voicemails can now be sent to your email in text form – you can now easily and quickly sift through all your voicemails and only reply your selected notes! – no more wasting time listening to voicemails, It saves time and organizes your missed calls and lowers stress levels
  • Set your availability status in your voicemail easily and quickly – even have different voicemail responses for different situations, like “I’m in a meeting” or “I’m out of office” then just read your voicemail speech to text emails when you get back to your desk, or on your mobile
  • The PBX supports a digital receptionist – having callers dial an extension to go to the correct department directly – this frees up your current receptionist time to do other more productive tasks at hand
  • The digital receptionist can be set to have multiple levels of extensions – send callers to ring groups or connect to caller queues and transfer to voicemail directly
  • You can also prompt callers to enter the first 3 digits of the name of the person they want to speak to
  • Record your calls automatically or by quickly pressing a single button – this is worth mentioning again – have customers call your landline number at local call rates, but the call can be forwarded to, or go directly to your mobile phone, at no extra charge to them or you. Then call anyone using your mobile phone at very low call rates.